March, 2013

ACARET 2013 Initiatives - President's Letter

The following is excerpted from a letter sent to ACARET Accredited Educators
from Linda Chollar, ACARET President

In the spirit of honoring our educators and enhancing your teaching career, ACARET is providing even more benefits associated with your accreditation by implementing the following:

The Year of the Educator in 2012 focused on Personal Profiles of each ACARET Accredited Educator in issues of the Reflexology Across America magazine.

Spotlight on Accredited Educators & Curriculum: an ongoing feature in the RAA publication with a listing of all AAEds and their AARC curriculums to provide recognition, gain exposure for classes, schools and accredited curriculum.

Enhanced website listings for AAEds, adding photos and website links at no additional charge.  

News Release Template ready to personalize for announcing teacher accreditation in media, for student packets or promotion and marketing

Personalized name badges are awarded to each educator upon accreditation with the ACARET logo and accreditation credentials.

AARC recipients are awarded a Certificate of Curriculum Accreditation enclosed in a beautiful oversized wood plaque for display in school or classroom. AARC directory listings will indicate that the reflexology certification program is an ACARET accredited 300-hour curriculum.

2013 promotional campaign: to raise awareness of accreditation for reflexology teachers and to inform those seeking reflexology training how to locate educators and certification courses that have met ACARET standards. This effort will garner exposure for accredited educators, AARC courses and the online directory at

ACARET's Board of Directors is committed to being of service by upholding ACARET's mission and supporting our educators, as the leaders in our profession providing inspiration and quality education to their graduates that they may be equipped to excel personally and professionally. 


August, 2012

Celebration of Service, Transitions and Opportunities

ACARET welcomes new President, Linda Chollar as Lilian Morten steps down as President, after more than seven years of service on the Board of Directors. Lilian's terms included vice president and president twice.   

Lilian leaves the board with joy and sadness as she moves on to new pastures, she says. "I believe in the work ACARET is doing and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors." 
In the photo, Lilian is holding a recognition award. The Board of Directors presented her with a clock on a crystal stand for her dedication in service 'beyond the call". They felt it was appropriate to engrave her name in a clock as a memento saying, "You gave us the greatest gift...that of your time!" 

 New President, Linda Chollar has served as ACARET Vice President since 2007. She writes, "Lilian has served several terms and given her all in service to ACARET and the reflexology profession in her roles as Vice President and President of the Board of Directors. I have some big shoes to fill and yet Lilian has left a legacy by paving the way for higher standards in reflexology education. With her vision and leadership, ACARET has developed accreditation programs for individual educators and for a national standardized reflexology curriculum.
   Her presence on the board will be missed, however ACARET has joined together a Board of Directors that are a strong team of new thought leaders, committed to moving reflexology as a profession to its fullest potential with education as the cornerstone. Our board is comprised of experienced professionals, a nursing instructor, a prior councilwoman, successful business owners, in service on national and state levels.  
   The future for reflexology is bright! ACARET's Accredited Reflexology Educators across the nation are leading the way with their commitment to set the educational bar higher than ever before - to equip those entering the field for new opportunities to make a difference with reflexology."     

Sandra Nelson, ITEC Certified Reflexologist and Vice President for the Texas Reflexology Association was elected as Vice President of the ACARET Board of Directors in August, 2012. Sandra became a Director on the board in 2011 and is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in service as a city official and a businesswoman. She is the owner of Pacific Reflexology in Houston, TX.   

The newest Director welcomed to the Board in September, 2012 is Annette Garbes from Iowa, also Vice President of her state association, RAIA, the Reflexology Association of Iowa and soon to be President with October elections.  ACARET is pleased to announce these two positions being filled by such qualified women. 


Curriculum Accreditation: Does your reflexology certification curriculm meet National Standardized 300-hour Criteria to Qualify? 

Qualified applicants are granted the prestigious recognition of AARC: ACARET Accredited Reflexology Curriculum. 

ACARET Accredited Educators (AAEd) now have the opportunity to submit an Application for Curriculum Accredition for their 300-hour foot reflexology certification program that meets or exceeds criteria and established national standards.  

Be among those first accredited educators to receive this seal of excellence for having met the new national standards . This curriculum accreditation is voluntary and promotes your commitment as an Accredited Educator to take the next step and also receive accreditation for your reflexology training curriculum! The AARC Accreditation exemplifies ACARET's mission, vision and perseverance to advance educational standards in America.  

Read More  here on the AARC Curriculum Accreditation page on this website.  

Email ACARET and request a Pre-Application Packet that includes full details on the accreditation process for a 300-hour reflexology curriculum.  


May, 2012

Congratulations to Paula Stone: Awarded AARC Accreditation

   The ACARET Board of Directors announces that Paula Stone, ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator, has received accreditation for her foot reflexology certification curriculum and has been awarded the designation for her curriculum of AARC: ACARET Accreditation of Reflexology Currriculum 
   Paula is Executive Director of The Stone Institute located in St. Charles, MO. providing education for reflexology, massage and healing arts.  The AARC foot reflexology certification curriculum provided through The Stone Institute meets and exceeds the national standard and accreditation criteria of 300 hours. 
   Paula is the author of Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence. As a leader in the field of reflexology, she is dedicated to quality education. Her achievement of AARC accreditation positions her as one of the charter educators in the United States to receive this honor.  
   ACARET encourages AAEd Accredited Educators to follow in Paula's footsteps to acquire the AARC curriculum accreditation and become part of history in the making for the profession of reflexology.  


May, 2012

ACARET Welcomes Luann Lonergan as Director 

ACARET is honored to announce a new member to the Board, Luann Lonergan from Wisconsin. Luann brings a wealth of experience to the board as an educator, with extensive background in administration, nursing and community service. LuAnn recently achieved her AAEd credentials as an ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator.  Read more about Luann on the Board of Directors page.


The Board of Directors acknowledge the following ACARET Accredited Educators (AAEd) and those who have received accreditation for their reflexology curriculum (AARC):

Pat Barrance, AAEd - Iowa
Elysia Bates, AAEd - Connecticut
Dwight Byers,  AAEd - Florida
MaryAnn Chirichella, AAEd - New York
Linda Chollar,  AAEd - California
Corrine Corcoran, AAEd - New Jersey
Annalise, Evenson, AAEd - Connecticut
Annette Dill, AAEd - Maryland
Connie Hubley, AAEd - Maine
Bill Flocco, AAEd - California
Lynn Gray, AAEd - New York
Jan Head-Pasquariello, AAEd - California
Christine Jensen,AAEd - Connecticut
Luann Lonergan, AAEd - Wisconsin
Teri Magnan, AAEd - Rhode Island
JulieBeth Mezzy, AAEd - Virginia
Lilian Morten, AAEd - Florida
Kasey Quillan, AAEd - MD
Susan Raskin, AAEd - New York
Paula Stone, AAEd/AARC - Missouri
Kathy Ungerecht, AAEd/AARC - Alaska
Catherine Vestraci, AAEd - Maryland
Susan Watson, AAEd -Illinois