FAQs > Accreditation > What other option do I have to submit an application besides the online process?

The application process is most efficient when submitted online. If for some reason you are unable to complete the online submission:  Print out the completed application, fill it in by hand and FAX it to 310-464-6904. You have options for submitting the additional supporting documents:  FAX them to 310-464-6904 with a cover letter or scan them and EMAIL them to ACARET at acaret@acaret.org  This can be also be done at most Kinko's. Simply take your original documents and ask them to scan and email to our email address.  Put your name in the email's SUBJECT line.

Your payment must be mailed as  instructed in the Guidelines. If you are having technical problems with the online submission, SAVE your application, noting where you saved it and contact ACARET for assistance. A common error is not clicking on the blue Highlight field at the upper right of the document - this gets you ready to type in your data.