FAQs > Accreditation > Why aren't more reflexology educators accredited?

ACARET Accredited Educators are growing in numbers. There has never been a more important time nor the opportunity for educators to rally their dedication to the profession and create the future of reflexology.   

The accreditation process has become refined, automated and esteemed as the highest element in our profession. Many teachers have simply not been aware of ACARET or they have not understood the value and the benefits of accreditation credentialing.

Our profession's growth into mainstream healthcare and the guidelines set forth by the White House Commission on CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) has brought attention to the importance of being professionally recognized as a trained and credentialed educator of reflexology.

ACARET has recently instituted the designated credentials of AAEd for the ACARET Accredited Educator to award the recognition deserved for those who will train the future reflexologists.  

As more educators respond to the call for professionalism and proudly display their accreditation credentials, the message will be clear that our self-governing reflexology profession supports excellence in education through Accreditation.