FAQs > Anatomy & Physiology Criteria > What do I need to meet the A&P criteria for educator accreditation?

There are basicly five requirements for individual educators to meet in the application for reflexology educator accreditation (AAEd status). One of the criteria for a teacher of reflexology to satisfy is documentation of anatomy and physiology (A&P) hours of training.

It is the mission and role of ACARET to uphold educational standards for reflexology. As the highest credential in the profession for a reflexology teacher, it is expected that accreditation would require a higher level of A&P education than basic reflexology training.

Currently, the requirement for educator accreditation is documentation of 150 hours mininmum of A&P education. This documentation can include but is not limited to a combination of the following: a transcript of separately listed A&P hours that have been obtained in a reflexology course, massage therapy course, college course, vocational schools, online or distance learning courses. (Internet-based courses must be documented with a transcript of course content, school website address, name of the course instructor if applicable and a certificate or document of completion.)

A&P hours from your basic reflexology certification course is accepted, as long as the hours are indicated separately on the course transcript. If those hours do NOT meet the required 150 hours, you may submit documentation from any of the above educational sources for the remainder of hours. 

All A&P education documentation must have a transcript showing separate hours. No exceptions. If an applicant states that a course of training included 40 hours of A&P it must be clearly shown as such in the course transcript.