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The ACARET logo is a trademark and cannot be used without permission. Only ACARET Accredited Educators may use the credentials AAEd to designate, “ACARET Accredited Educator” along with the ACARET logo to promote their national educator accreditation status. Only ACARET Accredited Curriculum can be designated as AARC to signify "curriculum that has met or exceeded the American standardized 300-hour curriculum as estalblished by ACARET".

Use of the ACARET logo on promotional materials must be accompanied by the credentials of AAEd or AARC and the respective wording, ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator or ACARET Accredited Reflexology Curriculum. All other usage of the ACARET logo must be approved by ACARET. When the ACARET logo is used on an accredited teacher’s website it must contain a hyperlink back to the ACARET website.

The above statements may not be used in any promotion or advertisement to imply personal endorsement by ACARET of a particular training course. If such use is reported, ACARET will notify the educator to remove said verbage from all literature and/or advertising. Note: ACARET credentials, designations and acronyms do not indicate academic credentialing.  

Correct usage of the AAEd credential designation for an individual educator: 
Mary Smith, AAEd
ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator

Correct usage of the AARC designation for an accredited reflexology curriculum:

Mary Smith, AAEd, AARC
ACARET Accredited Reflexology Educator
ACARET Accredited Reflexology Curriculum
Promotion of an AARC curriculum must clearly indicate that the course belongs to the individual who is an AAEd and not a school (ACARET does not accredit schools nor school curriculum, only individual teachers and their curriculum). Example wording to use:
The reflexology curriculum by Mary Smith, ACARET accredited educator has been awarded the designation of AARC, Accredited Reflexology Curriculum by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET). This signifies that the curriculum has met the national criteria established by ACARET for a 300-hour standardized certification course in reflexology. 

To maintain the ACARET Nationally Accredited Educator designations of AAEd, AARC, you must renew your accreditation every three (3) years. You must be in current standing status to use the designation acronyms.

Please adhere to the following:
• The ACARET logo may not be altered in any way.
• The ACARET acronym cannot be used alone, unless previously identified to mean American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training.
• An individual educator may not use the ACARET logo with any words which imply you are endorsed, recommended or licensed by ACARET or that your educational program is endorsed by ACARET. 
• The ACARET logo cannot be used in conjunction with or to endorse products.

ACARET Accredited Educators will be given access to download logo images for web and print use. Use of the ACARET logo or other images taken directly from the website are strictly prohibited without written permission from ACARET.


ACARET does not accredit schools or teaching institutions, therefore schools and organizations may not use the ACARET logo as signifying any recognition or endorsement by or from ACARET.

Q: Can a school use the ACARET logo on their website or promotional materials if one of their educators is an ACARET accredited educator (AAEd) and/or if that AAEd also has acquired the AARC designation for their curriculum.  

A: The answer is they cannot. Only the AAEd who received the AARC curriculum accreditation can use the logo for promotional reasons as stated above. If the educator is profiled separately from a school's bio or other course promotion AND the logo is conspicuously placed alongside the AAEd's photo or bio, it must be stated as clearly shown above in the correct usage. 

Discrepancies to these guidelines for Logo and Acronym usage will be strictly enforced. It is not within the scope of ACARET to accredit any teaching organization and therefore use of the ACARET logo implies accreditation, which is inaccurate.

Designations awarded by ACARET are not academic credentialing but rather for individuals who have met peer-review standards of excellence as an educator (AAEd) with a reflexology curriculum (AARC) that meets the 300-hour standardized certification course established by ACARET.