Why Get Educator Accreditation Credentialing?

As a professional reflexology educator, ACARET Accreditation Credentialing signifies that you have achieved a level of competency that meets the highest currently set standards for teachers in the reflexology profession.

As an Accredited Reflexology Educator, you will gain: greater professional visibility; recognition in the industry among students, clients and the healthcare community; opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to excellence, accountability, professional growth; and lastly, gain support for continued practice and teaching in the field of reflexology.

Credentialing as an ACARET Accredited Educator

Receive a Certificate of Accreditation, designating competency and status as an Accredited Reflexology Educator, acknowledging your achievements, training, experience and dedication to the profession of reflexology. This AAEd credentialing represents the highest standard of recognition currently established by ACARET for professional educators in the field of reflexology.


Gain recognition among peers, students, clients and the healthcare community as a nationally accredited educator;  meet the recommendations for CAM professionals to be accredited by an appropriate professional body (as set by the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine).


Receive a professional listing as an Accredited Reflexology Educator on the ACARET website, available to those seeking professional, quality education and credentialed educators. Receive professional recognition and connection with  the reflexology community by being  listed in industry magazines upon accreditation.


Demonstrate your professional and personal commitment to: excellence as a reflexology educator; quality education; competency through continuing education and to meeting or exceeding the standards for national accreditation in your profession.


Use the AAEd designation and the ACARET logo to support your professional status as an ACARET Accredited Educator of Reflexology and for promotional use on business cards, stationary, brochures, websites, and on advertisements as long as  accreditation status is current. Read more about ACARET logo and credential usage guidelines.


Download the AAEd Brochure.